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Our People


ProSourceSolutionsInc. began operations as NewPoint Services on January 1, 1999.  In October 2002 the company was renamed ProSourceSolutionsInc. to reflect the new direction of the company and improvements in the management team.

Allison Le Compte

As the owner of ProSourceSolutionsInc., Allison Le Compte has directed and managed the success of the company since its inception in 1999.

It is part of the ProSource culture to constantly ask our clients how can we help and what do we need to improve. Allison is a client focused leader that asks our clients what their wants and needs are now and in the future. Allison listens, then translates those wants and needs into uniquely designed services and procedures before that want or need becomes acute.

The growth and success of ProSourceSolutionsInc. has afforded Allison special recognition from the PEO industry in that she has been selected to serve as Chairperson for the Texas State NAPEO committee and to serve on the Board for the National NAPEO Committee. 

Stephanie Garrett

Complementing our efforts in Human Resource Support is our Benefits Manager Stephanie Garrett. Stephanie joined ProSourceSolutions in 2001 and forms the backbone of the ProSourceSolutions Employee Relations Group. The commitment to excellence by Stephanie has earned her the respect and appreciation of clients and co-workers throughout her years of service at ProSourceSolutions.    

Carrie Doyon

Carrie is the Senior Payroll Specialist at ProSourceSolutions. Carrie is our calm, steady and careful influence and her clients trust her opinions.  Because Carrie presents issues logically and allows for discussion, she is able to define the areas of concern and with the client secure a commitment of the step by step procedures that meet their needs.  

Matthew Skacal

Matthew is our Recruitment Director here at ProSourceSolutions. He has garnered 16 years of staffing experience covering a vast range of industries and professional disciplines. His talent acquisition knowledge and expertise enables our recruiting efforts to consistently produce at an optimal level.

Assurance of Quality

All these people- all these positions-all this experience means only one thing. The person you talk with today will be there tomorrow. Our management team believes we have one of the industry's best  team of professionals dedicated to assisting our Co-employers in reaching their organizational goals.