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Company Overview

ProSourceSolutionsInc. offers PEO/HRO services to the very small, mid-size and large companies in a variety of industries and in a variety of ways 

"Employer of Choice"                     

Employee engagement is at the heart of all great achievement. The question isn’t whether engaged employees have value. The question is whether we acknowledge that fact and become a better company. Without a well functioning team, you know that your company will be held back and that you will waste a great deal of your energy. When the employees are in a state of disharmony or dysfunction, everyone and everything is held back. On the other hand, when your team is coordinated, when they work cohesively toward a common set of goals, when they feel a sense of ownership of the company, the company can’t help but thrive.

Your team of employees is the “lifeblood” and “heartbeat” of your company. A great team is “a group of leaders focusing on a common set of goals.” When the time, talent, and potential of the individual members of the organization are focused on these goals, success abounds.

"Birthplace of Leaders"

Having a great team is not just a dream. You can create your “dream team” with consistent work on decreasing chaos in your company, by having organized systems that are efficient and effective, providing an environment that is conducive to growth and focusing on team

Some of the industries represented by our Co-employers are  Plumbing and Electrical Contractors, Restaurants, Hospitals, Banks, Oil & Gas Distributors, Venture Capital, Supply Companies, IT, Engineering and Software, Real Estate, Oil and Gas Engineering, Law Offices, Medical Clinics, Surgery Centers, Apartment Building Management, Machine Shops and Disaster Cleaning.

We design our service relationship around our Co-employers' needs – from the very basic Employee Administration to the very complex HR relationship. Whether it is administrating Employee Wage and Tax reporting to assisting with a Harassment investigation, you are guaranteed that we are committed to providing the best level of service and professional knowledge.

"Talent Magnets"

Employee Engagement: If it was not hopelessly broken before, now it is official, employee loyalty is history. Most studies agree that a full 50% turnover in the workforce in the next few years is a real likelihood. For companies, this is a nightmare scenario given that most find themselves understaffed with an already overworked, underpaid and underappreciated workforce.

Many companies will simply resort to the tried and true tactic of throwing money at their “star” performers. Smarter companies will look more broadly across their workforce and start to identify the “stars in waiting”, working to develop targeted engagement strategies to foster loyalty and commitment. These firms will easily outperform the old ways.

We know people. We believe that employees are people first an employee second. Trust of employers by employees will continue to erode, and only the very best companies, the ones that respect, support, and develop employees will see their long-term prospects for growth and success enhanced.

At ProSourceSolutions we focus on building organizations that are sought out by great talent. You do not have to pay industry leading wages to secure the best talent. You simply have to have the people and the culture that attract even more great people.

Get to work making the right choices – and start by allowing ProSourceSolutions help you get back to the busines of your business.