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A happy employee is one who gets paid correctly, on time. Every time.

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The development of our Co-employers’ best asset – the employees.

PEO Services and HR Outsourcing

ProSourceSolutions clients have learned to expect more from the firm’s unique combination of PEO experience, benefits expertise and fierce commitment to hands-on service.

ProSourceSolutions provides PEO/HRO services to companies across a wide variety of industries, providing clients with a Co-employer partner that HR allows the client to focus on running and growing their business.

While the firm’s clients may differ in their business sector, revenues, or number of employees, they share a common goal: how to effectively manage their employees as an asset while maintaining budget controls within operating and profit parameters.

ProSourceSolutions has over 25 years of Co-employer experience across a wide variety of industries, including Plumbing and Electrical Contractors, Restaurants, Hospitals, Banks, Oil & Gas Distributors, Venture Capital, Supply Companies, IT, Engineering and Software, Real Estate, Oil and Gas Engineering, Law Offices, Medical Clinics, Surgery Centers, Apartment Building Management, Machine Shops and Disaster Cleaning.

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About Us

The challenges of running – and growing – a small, mid-size, or even a large company can be daunting. Company executives, who are usually excellent at focusing on  optimizing their products or service development and production, can be less so when faced with managing their employees’ compensation, health plans and related benefits.

Today, accelerated by the pandemic induced ‘Great Resignation,’ employees are expecting more from their jobs…more benefits, more compensation, better healthcare insurance, and more hands on management. As a result, more employers are looking for help in managing the growing challenges created by these rising expectations…and doing so within affordable budgets.

To help meet these challenges, ProSourceSolutions, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), provides a set of integrated services to effectively manage critical human resource responsibilities and employer risks for clients. As a PEO, ProSourceSolutions delivers these services by establishing and maintaining an employer relationship with the employees at the client's worksite and by contractually assuming certain employer rights, responsibilities, and risk.

By providing vital PEO services to companies, ProSourceSolutions provides them a co-employer partner whose HR management experience, benefits management, risk management and payroll services expertise and commitment to service allows them to focus on running and growing their businesses.

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What is a PEO?

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