HR Outsourcing Services

A Focus on Employees

The focus of the ProSourceSolutions Human Resource Group will always be the development of our Co-employers’ best asset – the employees.

By using effective and efficient use of your Human Capital we can help you remain competitive and fulfill your organizational goals.


The administrative role and also the most time consuming and costly of HR focuses on dealing with government compliance issues, liability protection and record keeping. Typical administrative functions include Employee payroll, benefits administration, Workers Comp claims and Unemployment claims.


The Tactical role of ProSourceSolutions' HR group involves those day-to-day tasks necessary to run an organization. A variety of activities – recruiting for job openings, resolving employee complaints, and communicating with employees are very typical of our Human Resource department’s tactical role.

A tactical HR plan is a course of action to achieve short-term goals, generally within a year or less. Tactical plans represent the short-term efforts to achieve the strategic, longer-term goals. They are concerned with Job descriptions, skill sets, core competencies, how they must do it and who has the responsibility.


Strategic HR is a course of action designed to achieve long-range goals, generally up to five years. Strategic plans reflect the company’s direction and its purpose as stated in its mission statement. In order to develop strategic plans, top management must develop and use summary reports on finances, operations and the external environment.

We help business owners with the SWOT analysis and by using our PSS Excellence System we help motivate employees to their highest potential. Our system utilizes the tried and true technique of JOB-GOAL-REVIEW to identify performance and potential and help our co-employers to grow.