Company Overview

Getting More

ProSourceSolutions began operations as NewPoint Services on January 1, 1999. In October 2002 the company was renamed ProSourceSolutions to reflect a new direction of the company, improvements in the management team, and a focus on providing more value for clients. We offer benefits management, HR outsourcing, employee training, payroll outsourcing, and risk management services.

ProSourceSolutions can help you provide improved benefit programs by utilizing organization systems that are proven to be both efficient and effective, all within an environment that focuses on employees and is conducive to operational excellence and growth.

As your Co-employer, ProSourceSolutions first focuses on your company’s employee challenges and opportunities. Your account manager will craft a customized Co-employer relationship designed to provide the specific services you need ­– from very basic Employee Administration to a complex, full HR relationship. Whether administrating Employee Wage and Tax reporting, or assisting with a harassment investigation, we are committed to providing our clients and their employees the highest level of service and support within your budget.


Getting Engaged

If employee loyalty was endangered before, it is now facing extinction. What is being called ‘The Great Resignation’ is an indicator of what may continue, and even accelerate in the future. Most studies agree that a full 50% turnover in the workforce in the next few years is a real likelihood.  While some people may seek a new position with a higher salary or better benefits, salary and benefits are not what drive most people to update their resumes and begin interviewing.

Research shows that employees are much more likely to seek a new position when they don’t feel appreciated or don’t see a future where they’ll continue to grow and advance and don’t feel a connection to their manager and coworkers.

For many companies, this is a nightmare scenario, given that most find themselves understaffed with a workforce that feels already overworked, underpaid and underappreciated. But, if you treat people as unique and trust them to own their responsibilities, they’ll respond in kind.

At ProSourceSolutions, we know people come first. We understand that employees are people first and employees second. Without proactive management treating them as people, understanding their needs and wants, the trust, engagement and performance of employees suffers and will continue to erode.

At ProSourceSolutions, we are Co-employers with organizations that are employers of choice, sought out by employees. Our experience shows that you do not always have to pay industry leading wages to secure the best talent. But, you do have to have the right people, culture, benefits and management processes to get and keep the best employees who will drive your business.

Some companies have resorted to the single minded tactic of just throwing money at employees in the form of increased wages. Smarter companies recognize that the problem, and hence the solution, is more complex. ProSourceSolutions can help you develop and implement the targeted engagement strategies that will foster loyalty…commitment…and profits.

Getting Started

If you are spending more time managing your employees than managing your business, Go with the Pros…call ProSourceSolutions and get back to the business of managing your business, while we manage your employees.